Why choose us?

Four good reasons to work with us

Mark, the director of Templegate Financial Planning, has a track record as an adviser dating back to 1991 and a loyal following of clients. Clients not only stay with us for the long term, but also recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues. It’s this trust that has enabled us to build up a successful practice which goes from strength to strength. The key reasons why clients choose Templegate Financial Planning over other financial advisers is that we are:

1. Independent

We are not limited to advising on certain financial products. We have access to solutions across the whole of the market, so we can focus on what you need first, and then find the best solution to meet your needs. In addition, Templegate is independently owned by Mark Bastable, which ensures that he can make decisions about how the firm is run, in the best interests of his clients.

2. Experienced

Mark Bastable has worked in the financial services profession since 1991. He has advised people of various ages, occupations and circumstances and can call upon his experience to provide tailored advice. Mark keeps his expertise up to date by attending regular training courses. Mark also has the back-up of the expert team at 2plan wealth management who provide back-office support.

3. Local

With a base in Wildhern, near Andover, Mark covers a wide area which includes, Andover, Newbury, Winchester, Marlborough, Salisbury and everywhere in between.

He is always happy to meet clients at their homes or at work, and at a time to suit them.

4. Providing a genuinely bespoke service

As Mark is a sole adviser supported by a back-office team, clients are confident that they’re not dealing with a faceless member of staff. Instead, they enjoy one-to-one, dedicated support from an adviser they know and trust.

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"I retired recently from many years working for HM Government, and thought long about the most prudent way to invest money from my pension lump sum. My attitude to risk has always erred on the side of caution, driven in no small part by horror stories of scams and the gullibility of others. My partner has invested in ISAs and share portfolios under guidance from Mark Bastable of Templegate, and so I met with Mark to explore options. I found Mark to be very personable, patient and professional in his approach to understand my concerns, Mark took the time to clarify aspects of my investment that were unclear to me. I decided to act similarly to my partner and invested in an ISA and a share portfolio; its early days yet but I look forward to meeting with Mark in future to review positive progress."

Maurice Bardsley

A client since 2019



"Mark has been my adviser for 12 years now. He has continued to give good advice which is pertinent to my situation even though it has not been beneficial to him. I wish GPs and other professionals would be so willing to give advice! "

Veronica Tyrrell

A client since 2007



"Mark has been my financial adviser for over 20 years. I wanted to start thinking about my long-term future when I had children. Mark listened to what we wanted to achieve, discussed and explained our options and supported us to implement our choices. Over the long term, we are in a much better place financially."

Jo Greenfield

A client since 2000



"Having retired last June I needed Mark’s expertise on my best options and as usual he gave the best advice and guidance. We have used Mark as our financial adviser for more years than I can even think about. We trust him 100%."

Ken Bowden

A client since 1991



"Mark is really professional and took the time to thoroughly understand my financial position before advising me on my pension investments. In a complicated market I was grateful for the guidance."

Lisa Walsh

A client since 2016



"Mark has been advising me on my pension investment since 2018, A professional service which inspires confidence with good advice regarding investment benefits, shortfalls and future expectations, I have seen positive investment performance, Mark is a friendly and patient person whom you feel you can trust and all is in hand."

Stewart Coombs

A client since 2018



"I contacted Mark because I needed Pension advice. After meeting with me and understanding my attitude to Risk Mark advised me on investing my 'Pension Pot'. The following year my attitude to risk had changed, I'm a bit closer to retirement age. Mark met with me and talked through the new investment plan he was advising me to move to. He took the time to talk through the potential benefits and risks of each part of the new plan. Mark also advised me of my options for when I decide to use my Pension savings. Some options I wasn't previously aware of. During our meetings I haven't felt rushed. I've felt comfortable asking questions that I felt would be common knowledge and that I should already know the answers to."

Roz Phillips

A client since 2017



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