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Do your numbers add up?

Tax-efficient ways to fund the next generation It’s natural we may want to give younger members of our family a financial start in life. Especially when we hear about some students graduating with eye-watering levels of debt. If you are able to help your children or grandchildren without risking running out of money yourself, it’s

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Green light for new type of home loan

Product choice broadened in the later life lending sector In an effort to broaden product choice in the later life lending sector, the Financial Conduct Authority now treats Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgages as standard mortgages, instead of being regulated under Equity Release rules. This factor, among others, has resulted in several lenders adding RIO

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Pension freedoms

Over one million UK savers embrace relaxation of rules The Government’s announcement on the relaxation of pension rules changed the investment landscape and pension freedoms show no sign of losing their popularity. HM Revenue & Customs latest figures[1] on the flexible withdrawals from pensions shows that the number of savers who have embraced their freedoms

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Wealth creation

Spreading risk by accessing different types of assets Investing for the long-term means persisting through market swings. History shows that when people invest and stay invested, they’re more likely to earn positive returns in the long run. When markets start to fluctuate, it may be tempting to make financial decisions in reaction to changes to

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Why do you want to invest?

Reaching specific life goals requires planning If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll find it tricky getting there! Investment goals cover everything from the old adage of saving for a rainy day to planning for a comfortable retirement. Goal-based investing, which emphasises investing with the objective of reaching specific life goals –

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